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May 25, 2011 / Christina Vazou

Henri Cartier-Bresson

My essay will be about Henri Cartier -Bresson and his output in the early thirties and his later work (Title Nr. 2) I chose this theme without thinking a lot but now I am so happy about it. It’s the first time that I really get in touch with him as a person. The book I read now is “The mind’s eye” (writings of Bresson on photography and photographers, 2005, Aperture). Some of his statements and ideas are so wonderful, still up to date, and they give me the opportunity to think about me and my photography work over the years. I have the feeling that I somehow rediscover photography.

I must admit that I had never paid much attention to him as a personality until very recently. The main reason is that during the years of my photography studies we were somehow pushed to admire his “Decisive Moment” theory and to “praise” his photos. There was (and still is) a very strong movement among the cycles of greek photographers which is very ¬†fanatic about black and white photography and everything that comes with it. So every time someone mentions Henri Cartier-Bresson, many of us who are not devoted to this movement, have a very clear negative attitude because of this “over” estimation. It’s an automatic reaction and I am so glad that eventually, I am going to develop my opinion about Henri Cartier-Bresson as a personality and as a photographer.


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  1. Veronika Lukasova / May 25 2011 11:21 am

    Oh, the Mind’s Eye book is excellent, gave me a lot of ideas when I read it while ago. And you are totally right, some things are just as valid now as they were as Cartier-Bresson was “thinking” photographer. Looking forward to what your take on his legacy will be!

  2. uta beyer / Jun 9 2011 5:14 pm

    interesting you chose HCB, for the same reasons you mentioned i don’t think i would have chosen this topic. curious what your findings will be.


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